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My Opinion on Monitoring Services and Guaranteed Plays


One of the most frequently asked questions we get on our sites are similar to, "Are you monitored?" or "Who monitors you?"  These are certainly fair questions, usually by those that keep themselves well informed about Sports Services.


Having been in business for over 30 years now, i have seen it all, the good and the bad.  Years ago most gambling information for players would come from "Boiler Rooms", Services that would call out to your home or office based upon lists of gamblers that were sold.  The person that calls is never a Handicapper, but merely a salesman whose purpose is to close you for more and more money before they give a play out.  These Services used to originate mainly from New York or Las Vegas, but they could be calling from anywhere.


After i turned down requests to handicap for some of these "Scamdicappers" years ago, somehow i managed to get on these lists myself.  A call would come in, "Rich, do you have your lines up for tonight's games?"  Regardless of my answer that i was not interested in their "information", a salesman (or saleswoman) would pitch me to death about a "Lock of the Year", or a "Game of the Month".  I finally overcame this by simply asking the caller, "OK, i will go with your Service, but one question first please."  Then i would ask the pitchman, "Simply give me the names of two Guards in the Atlantic Division of the NBA first.", or something that would require minimal sports knowledge that anyone who really followed sports would know.  They never could give me the answer, they would just put me on hold and get their Manager.


For our part, we never call out to anyone, and never buy or sell lists.  We are affiliated with no other Services but our own, plain and simple.  The fact is that our business is good enough that we don't need to mass e-mail or dial out to gamblers.  We offer online services predominantly, our Members simply login with their User/Passwords at their own convenience.  They are never called by our staff, nor are they required to call for the plays.


The latest fad has been so-called "Guaranteed Plays."  This seems to bring money in for some Services, but makes no sense to me from the player's standpoint.  Their "guarantee" is generally that the next weekend, or week or season is "free" if the one game that you purchase loses.  Why would anyone want a Service to give them plays even for "free" if they don't win?  It's not the cost of the Service that breaks players, it's the cost of their gambling losses tied to these Services.  And then players risk the same old situation -- when they call for their "Free Plays" they get pitched to buy more plays from the loser Services.  The normal scam is to step players up after a loss, so that they can regain and make more money on the latest play that was lost before due to losers they gave out.  It's not the scammers money that is lost if this game also goes down, so why should they put the player's interests first?


For our part our guarantee is this -- we guarantee that when you login to get your plays, or occasionally call us for your plays, we will give you the plays.  It's that simple.  No where on our sites do you see any guarantee or phony scammed win percentages listed.  Any advertisement that you read that starts out with, "We have hit 89% on our Football Plays over the past 20 years", or "Our Lock of the Month is now 22-0, buy now" is a scam.  No one wins all the time.  Most of these Services haven't even been in business that long!


Now let's get to the monitoring game.  There are some decent and fair Monitoring Services.  They are less than 2% of the total however, and they too go out of business because they can't make money from the Scamdicappers they don't advertise and cheat for.  i have been offered to have my selections, whether free or pay, to be at the top of many Monitoring Services over the years.  i have always refused.  Some of them even say, "Rich to have your plays on our site we will 'push' your plays up a bit."  Translation -- we will cheat to give you a better record than you really earned.  All one has to do is look at the advertisers for most Monitoring Services, they are the top scorers in their monitoring system.


When i went 27-2 on Free Plays two years ago in September for Baseball and Football in my published Free Columns as Guest Capper on numerous sites, i got a few nice compliments via e-mail.  But mostly i received e-mails that contained, "What do you do, post after the games are over?", or "You must cheat!"  Then i lost three games in a row.  You wouldn't believe the e-mails i got.  "Don't you know how much i lost on your Free Plays over the past few days?" or "Your Free Plays stink!"  My reply to those idiots was that they had gotten exactly what they paid for!  So when my games win i must cheat, and when they lose i suck.  Luckily some of the sites i post my Free Columns on post a time stamp, and anyone that really followed me on our own sites can see the plays are up long before the games go off.


Our Free Plays can be monitored by anyone who visits our sites long before the games go off.  And our Pay Plays are monitored by our returning Pay Players, it's that simple.  No cheating is involved, ever!  We list our recent Pay Play results daily, simply click on the proper link.  We don't claim to win every day, week, month or season.  We work hard to provide winners, period.


Today i received a nice Football magazine in the mail, my name and mailing address was sold to them from some organization.  This is a magazine that has been out in different forms for over 25 years, i saw it years and years ago on magazine racks.  It warns everyone about Sports Services, how they "give out opposite sides 50/50", etc.  It warns that almost everything in the Sports Information industry is a scam.  Except of course their magazine.  Then in the back of the magazine it recommends about a dozen services that are supposedly good, along with a few that are supposedly bad, but these are just manufactured phony names.  All of these "good" Services are run by the same Scamdicapping organization, and they all are Scam Services!

-- Rich Green


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